Do I need to be a member of an association to attend?

No, but if you are a member of any of the organizations below, you’re entitled to a substantial member discount on all sessions and events. See Pricing for member and non-member rates.

To access the member rate for all MagNet sessions and special events, you or your magazine must be a member of any of the following associations/groups:

Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA)
Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP)
Atlantic Magazines Association (AMA)
l’Association quebecoise des editeurs de magazines (AQEM)
Magazine Association of BC (MABC)
Book and Periodical Council (BPC)
Canadian Business Press (CBP)
Canadian Booksellers Association (CBA)
Canadian Library Association (CLA)
Canadian Society of Magazine Editors (CSME)
Circulation Management Association of Canada (CMC)
Editors Association of Canada (EAC)/Attending the 2014 Editors Assciation Conference
Manitoba Magazine Publishers Association (MMPA)
Newspapers Canada
Professional Writers Association of Canada (PWAC)
Societe de Developpement des Periodiques Culturels Quebecois (SODEP)
Magazines Canada
League of Canadian Poets (LCP)
Registered Graphic Designers (RGD)
International Regional Magazines Association (IRMA)

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